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I assume the reason you have landed on this site is because you're getting frustrated with the way things are going in the world today. There is clearly something wrong with our system, it has been broken for as long as we have been alive.  There is a small number of people that control just about all of our resources and definitely all of the finance.  That small number of people, believe that there are not enough resources to sustain the worlds population for much longer.  Their solution to the problem is to depopulate the earth by around 90%. 

We would like to offer a better solution.  Our solution is to go on without them.  It's our labor, tax dollars & willingness to fight wars so that 'they' can attain more resources for themselves all under the guise of "fighting for freedom." The amount of labor and wars fought on their behalf have made them so massively wealthy, that they think they actually have the right to play
God with our lives, simply because their ill gotten gains have given them more power than they ever deserved.  They may have been able to effect policy for decades but as far as their plans to murder 95% of the world, that's something even they know they have no right to attempt such a thing. That's why they are doing it in such a way that they can say they have no blood on their hands.  They can say they gave ample warning to the entire world for decades, in several different ways such as movies, music, books television (tel-lie-vision) See what they did there?  They even corrupted the language to cast spells, which is why it's called spelling. I believe we are somewhat culpable for never seeing the truth for ourselves, never questioning such a corrupt system however, when you've been lied to about your entire existence and the world around you, it's difficult to break with old norms.  The truth is, they have warned us for over a century that this attempt at a global takeover & mass (suicide?) genocide, and those of us that have taken notice, should be ready 

It's really quite simple, all we have to do is stop complying and stop relying on them for our livelihoods. We need to stop falling for their mind control mechanisms such as the tried and true divide and conquer tactic that has sadly served them so well for so long.  If we unite as fellow human beings rather than Men, Women, White, Black, Eastern, Western, Gay, Straight, Vaxxed and Un-Vaxxed, then we become a powerful force that can change the world!

This brings us to why this site was created.  This site is here to help anyone that needs a
lift up as well as those that can do the lifting.  Of course, this extends as well to the animal kingdom that has suffered greatly under their control. We can help each other by offering knowledge, ideas, and financial guidance, on how to live as a self-sustained community, rather than workers dependent on what the system throws at us.  It can be done, and now is the time to do it.


The purpose of this site is to bring together all of the elements & information that's needed to start living an autonomous lifestyle.  I have visions of creating a small intentional community where my family has a home and some land to do with as we please, yet have enough land that other people can have their own space as well as spaces that we can share. There are so many opportunities to build community spaces where people can come together and help with things that need to be done,  i.e. gardens, greenhouses, animal sanctuaries, a school, maintaining the structures on the property etc.  Of course there are essential areas needed to relax and have fun such as a, pool, jacuzzi, bar/lounge with pool tables, music, karaoke, a game room, a movie theatre, etc...In my vision, the community that I create will not involve the butchering of animals, I want to take care of animals in need, and I would prefer to live among like minded people.

What kind of community do you want o live in?  Do you want to start a community or join a community that is already functioning?  Please feel free to have a look
around and see what's available or get some ideas of what it is you want to 


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